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System power architectures in body control modules

Complex BCMs require complex power management architectures. This paper explores various methods of powering a BCM to help you choose the best power topology for your design.

Evolution vs. revolution: the building blocks of automotive body electronics

Learn about the evolution of automotive body electronics and the importance of building blocks in this sector.

100BASE-T1 Ethernet: the evolution of automotive networking

Discover the various use cases of 100BASE-T1 Ethernet in vehicle networking and how 100BASE-T1 creates an automotive-qualified solution for high bandwidth requirements.

Featured reference designs

Automotive high voltage, high power motor driver reference design for HVAC compressor

This BLDC motor ref design controls an automotive HVAC compressor by using high-side and low-side gate drivers followed by discrete IGBT half bridge.

Automotive high side dimming rear light reference design

The reference design is for automotive high side dimming rear light, which uses BCM to supply the rear light.

Range boost converter reference design to drive two strings of automotive LEDs

This wide input voltage range boost operates from an input of 9V - 32V and regulates current in two strings of 13 LEDs.

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