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Laptop/Notebook Computer Fan Controller Reference Design

This design uses a single-chip sensorless 3-phase brushless DC motor (BLDC) for driving fans quietly and smoothly. The 180 degree sinusoidal commutation sensorless algorithium is embedded inside of DRV10963, thus eliminating the need of software and firmware.

SMBus 1- to 4-cell Hybrid Power Boost Mode Battery Charge Controller Reference D

The TIDA-00657 reference design enables high efficiency (90+% @1-2A)? and faster charge with high charging current up to 3A. The design uses TI's BQ24780 Industrial Innovative Charge Controlller with Hybrid Power Boost Mode and? also features power and processor hot monitoring capability.

Intel IMVP7 2nd Generation Core Mobile (Core i7) Power Management Reference Desi

The?Intel Core i7 power management?design is a complete solution for the Intel? IMVP-7 Serial VID (SVID) Power System The design features an IMVP-7 3-Phase CPU supply, a single-phase GPU Vcore supply, a 1.05VCCIO supply, and a DDR3L/DDR4 memory rail.?

Power Regulation & Distribution for Intel SkyLake? Processor Platform Reference

TI's optimized solution for power regulation, distribution, and sequencing for Intel SkyLake??Processor platform.?

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USB Type-C? represents breakthrough connectivity

USB Type-C is changing the way we interact with electronics and deliver breakthrough capability in how we receive and transmit data. It will provide unprecedented opportunities for end users, designers and manufacturers in markets

Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R)

TI offers complete power solutions with a full line of high performance products that range from standard linear regulators to highly efficient DC/DC converters and battery management. In this guide, explore how TI makes designing

ESD by Interface Selection Guide (Rev. A)

TI offers system-level ESD protection for all interface connectors with a portfolio that includes diodes, diode arrays and integrated protection. Use this guide to select the right device for your interface.

Extract maximum power from the supply when charging a battery

Learn how to design the charging circuit to achieve the maximum power from the adapter despite the undesired resistances between the supply and battery.