Motor drivers

Brushed DC (BDC) motor drivers – Design & development

High performance bipolar stepper drive stage reference design

The TIDA-00261 is an 8-52V, 4.5A motor drive stage based on the DRV8711 Stepper Motor Pre-driver and CSD88537ND Dual N-Channel NexFET? Power MOSFET. The module contains everything needed to drive different kinds of bipolar stepper motors and can be repurposed as a dual brushed DC motor driver.?

Electric toothbrush controller reference design

This TI Design uses Texas Instruments’ low-voltage H-Bridge motor driver with an integrated LDO voltage regulator and an ultra-low-power microcontroller (MCU) to demonstrate a full implementation of a battery powered electric toothbrush.?

12- to 24-V, 27-A brushed DC motor reference design

Brushed motors are a relatively popular option for motor designs because of their low price and simple control scheme. The commutation of the motor is achieved using conductive rings that are connected to the rotor using brushes that scrape against the commutator rings.

Ultra small brushed DC motor current regulation reference design

TIDA-00786 is a footprint brushed DC motor controller that has a fixed 100% duty-cycle speed input and variable current regulation. The DRV8871’s integrated current sensing feature allows the design to utilize a standard potentiometer to vary the current limiting level between a range of motors.

Energy harvesting LaunchPad for brushed DC motor control reference design

The Energy Harvesting LaunchPad for Brushed DC Motor Control is designed for charging a Li-ion or Li-polymer battery with solar energy, and subsequently using a voltage regulator to provide secondary system power to a TI LaunchPad and any peripherals connected the LaunchPad.?