Power management

Step-down (buck) switching regulators

Efficient conversion of an input voltage to a lower output voltage

With over 1000 unique devices, we own the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of high-efficiency DC/DC step-down (buck) switching regulators. This extensive family of products includes all types of switching regulator, ranging from the flexibility of a controller IC to the high-integration and simplicity of a buck power module. From 1V to 100V input and 50mA to 420A output, you can count on us to have a? buck regulator that meets your system’s requirements.?

Power module

We have the industry's largest and most diverse portfolio of DC/DC buck modules. With integrated FETs and inductor, power modules simplify your power supply design process and get you to market faster.


We have a comprehensive portfolio of synchronous and non-synchronous DC/DC buck converters spanning 1.3V to 100V and 50mA to 40A. With an integrated FET or FETs and external inductor, converters provide a good balance of integration and flexibility.


Our family of DC/DC buck controllers extends to 100V maximum input voltage and 420A maximum output current. Controllers with external FETs and inductor provide the most design flexibility for high-power applications.

integration and flexibility