• TI Training - Tech Days

    Join us for a full day of technical seminars and interactive demonstrations showcasing many of TI’s newest analog ICs and embedded processors, and return to work with new knowledge, skills, and solutions that will optimize your designs.

    Technical Sessions are offered on a variety of topics:

    • Amplifiers & Data Converters
    • Interface & Data Path Solutions
    • Microcontrollers?
    • Power Management
    • Wireless Connectivity Solutions
    • Sensors & Solutions
    • Processors

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    Learn. Solve. Innovate.

    Locations and Dates

    Location Date Agenda & Abstracts Directions Presentations
    Cleveland, OH September 10, 2019
    Milwaukee, WI - ( Pewaukee) September 19, 2019
    Minnesota - (St. Paul) October 3, 2019
    Detroit, MI - (Novi) October 10, 2019

    Previous Tech Days

    Location Date Presentations
    Milwaukee, WI 2018
    Minnesota, MN 2018
    Detroit, MI 2018
    Cleveland, OH 2018
    Minnesota, MN 2017
    Detroit, MI 2017
    Milwaukee, WI 2017
    Minnesota, MN 2016
    Detroit, MI 2016

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